Alexander C. Kemper

Mr. Kemper is chairman of the board of The Collectors Fund, a private equity fund focused on alternative asset classes. Mr. Kemper also is chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Pollenware, a leading provider of payment optimization technology and early cash flow delivery for corporations.

Prior to founding The Collectors Fund and Pollenware, Mr. Kemper founded Perfect Commerce (formerly known as and served as the company’s chairman and chief executive officer from 2000-2006. Under Mr. Kemper’s leadership, Perfect Commerce created the Open Supplier Network™ (OSN™) and became the largest and fastest growing provider of on-demand supplier relationship management (SRM) technology in the United States.

Mr. Kemper also has served as chairman of the board and chief executive officer of UMB Bank and chief executive officer of UMB Financial. Mr. Kemper began his career with UMB upon graduating in 1987 from Northwestern University.

Mr. Kemper is a venture investor and currently serves on the corporate boards of UMB Financial (NASDAQ: UMBF), UMB Bank, NIC (NASDAQ: EGOV), AXA Art USA (NYSE: AXA), Sipvine, SCD Probiotics and BATS Exchange, the third largest stock exchange in the world.

Mr. Kemper and his family are active in academic, civic and philanthropic endeavors, and Mr. Kemper serves on the board of the Agriculture Future of America (AFA), a non-profit scholarship and leadership development organization which he co-founded.

Mr. Kemper and his family reside in Kansas City, Mo.