Kris A. Robbins

Kris A. Robbins

Mr. Robbins was previously employed by Security Benefit Corporation (“Security Benefit”) and its companies from 1997 until his retirement in February 2010, serving as its Chief Executive Officer for over 10 years, and as Chairman and CEO for 6 years. During his tenure, Security Benefit managed over $40 billion in assets and provided annuities, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, retirement plans, and business-processing services throughout the United States.

Following his retirement from Security Benefit, Mr. Robbins co-founded and is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Clearleaf Finance, a hedge fund manager that invests in short duration, specialty assets involved in liens, private asset-based finance and factoring, and President of its servicing arm, Purestone Loan Services. He also provides private-equity, angel-investment, and advisory services through KARobbins LLC.

Mr. Robbins once served on the board and chaired the audit committee of Compliance Assurance Corporation (PA) until its sale in November 2012 to Stone River Risk and Compliance. Mr. Robbins also served on the board and audit committee of Key Health from April 2011 through 2015.

Mr. Robbins brings to the Board financial literacy skills, developed in over 30 years of professional experience and education in accounting and financial management. In addition, he has significant experience and knowledge relating to operations, investments, risk and capital management, gained from his leadership of large, highly regulated financial-services business that had significant growth and changes in products (including public company experience). Mr. Robbins provides specialized industry knowledge in key areas of investments, risk management, and insurance as well.