UMB Financial Corporation offers its registered shareholders the option to have all or a portion of their cash dividends automatically reinvested in the company's common stock. Shareholders may also choose to invest optional cash payments of up to $3,000 per calendar quarter.

To enroll

  • Contact UMB and ask for the dividend reinvestment plan prospectus and an enrollment card. We will mail you one within three days of the request. (You must be a registered stockholder to enroll.)
  • Read the prospectus.
  • Complete and sign the enrollment card and return to UMB. Your enrollment card must be received before the dividend record date to be effective for the next dividend.

Information About Disbursement of Dividends

UMB offers direct deposit of dividends through the Automated Clearing House system, where dividends are deposited directly to your checking or savings account on the payable date of the dividend. Contact us to request a direct deposit authorization card.

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